About Us:

Once upon a time, a group of veteran touring players and studio musicians decided to get together for a jam session, making the kind of music that they liked: soul, funk, blues, and a taste of jazz. Over time, these jam sessions turned into rehearsals, the gigs came start coming, and a band was born.

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Production Services:

More than just a band, The GroovaLottos also offer services in musical production and artist development for other artists in genres ranging from Hip-Hop to Classic Rock, to Symphonic, to EDM. Use our contact page if you are a serious Musical Artist or Band looking to develop on the next level. The band’s debut album, “Ask Yo’ Mama” received six Grammy nominations over a two year period in Pop, R&B, and Rock.

Serious Artists and bands should use our Contact Us page to discuss production packages and rates.

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What’s A GroovaLotto?

The GroovaLottos are a powerhouse funk and soul band, said to play with their souls instead of their hands. A high energy band on a mission to unlock the spirit and the soul; and growing up mentored by and playing for a who's who of classic soul, funk, jazz and blues legends, these journeymen are keepers of a musical tradition and legacy, rich with storytelling and infectious grooves. Incredible music and wild senses of humor make them one of the most entertaining bands around.

The GroovaLottos are comprised of Eddie Ray Johnson, drums and vocals; Mwalim ‘DaPhunkee Professor’, keyboards and vocals; Richard Johnson, bass; and The Z.Y.G 808 on percussion and vocals. (Read their full history on The GroovaLottos Onesheet.)

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